Anthro{dendum}: Archaeologists for Trans Liberation

Our friends at Anthro{dendum} kindly hosted our follow-up post for our Trans Liberation statement. Please see the opening below, and read the rest at the link:

To be an archaeologist is to revel in the diversity of human expression through time. Trans perspectives and voices add necessary further dimensions to our understandings of the past. We are inspired by the high-profile bravery and strength of trans people, such as Olympic weightlifter Laurel Hubbard and soccer player Quinn, and by the everyday resilience and determination shown by our trans and gender diverse comrades, students, friends, family, and colleagues.

The Black Trowel Collective has called for archaeologists to stand in solidarity with trans people, noting that “an archaeological understanding of the past is incompatible with transphobia and so-called ‘gender critical’ or trans-exclusionary radical feminism.” Here we further discuss this stance and the scientific backing of our position.  

To read the rest, see the Anthro{dendum} post:

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